Lumbar Disc Herniation and Degenerative Lumbar Disc Disease


Herniated Disc

Degenerative disc disease is a term that is used when discussing early aging in the spine.  It changes in the disc itself which is the cushion between the vertebrae of the spine.  These changes can happen from wear and tear and most people at the age of 40 have some of these changes however degenerative disc disease may be caused by trauma such as injury or accident.  It is a well known source of back pain.  Surgery is only indicated as a last resort and if all conservative treatments are exhausted.

Some of the conditions that affect degenerative disc disease include obesity, bad posture and smoking.  Cigarette smoking affects the aging of the spine and can accelerate the degeneration of the disc. 

One of the surgical treatments for degenerative spine disease is laminectomy and diskectomy followed by spinal fusion.  In conditions where the discis herniated compressing the nerve root simple diskectomy will suffice.  At times recurrent disc herniations and continued deterioration of the spine would require instrumented spinal fusion


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