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Embolic Stroke

The evolution of stroke occurs by an obstruction to the blood supply to the brain either by a kink in the artery to the brain or a blood clot.  The management can be medical by giving medication to dissolve the blood clot however at times surgical procedures are necessary in an interventional sophisticated manner by doing Embolectomies that is removal of the blood clot from the artery which is blocked. 

At times to give more blood to the brain a Superficial Temporal to Middle Cerebral Artery Bypass is performed in which a branch of the artery from the temple is isolated, a small piece of skull is removed and the dura is sectioned to reach a small branch of middle cerebral artery in the brain and the two arteries are connected to increase the blood flow to the brain.  This form of brain revascularization can increase the blood supply to the brain and reverse some of the problems and functions of the brain.

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