Thank you Dr. Siddiqi


Dear Dr. Siddiqi,

This is a sincere letter of thanks from a very old patient:

You probably do not remember me after so many years and thousands of patients however, 25 years ago I came to you for solutions to the extreme back pain I had suffered from since my college years. My pain had grown progressively worse. I was so extremely lucky that my new General Practitioner recommended that I see a Neurosurgeon instead of another orthopedic physician. I came to your office back in 1988 and in December 1988 you performed what was my first surgery on my cervical spine, you also did carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand at the same time.

Then in 1989 you operated on my lumbar spine, and later carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand. It is unbelievable that those surgeries so long ago had changed the quality of my life. I became much more of an active participant in Life! My flexibility and pain level decreased so. To this day I know I feel so much better because of your care. I tell people that you are the very best. That the surgeries and care you gave me so many years ago had made my life so much better and with such significant difference in quality.

The last time I came in as a patient was in 2000 after a fall that messed up my neck, shoulder and knee. Your care once again helped the pain and I was able to get back to work and life.

I apologize Dr Siddiqi that I never mentioned this or wrote to you before, however I just wanted now to send you a very deep and heart felt THANK YOU! I know you have received many awards and accolades, which you should; you are an extremely talented and skilled physician and surgeon. And here is one old patient from so long ago that needed to let you know that those surgeries you performed 25 years ago, gave me a break from severe pain and helped with the quality of my life during the past 25 years.

Thank You! Happy Thanksgiving!

My very best wishes to you as always,

A most Happy and Thankful patient

Terry R.


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